News Coverage
"Brooklyn school at heart of charter school debate" 
February 12, 2014

In the debate on New York public charter schools, Eric Grannis of the Tapestry Project and CWCNY’s executive director Mark Comanducci explain parents’ interest in CWC schools in Brooklyn. READ MORE

"Citizens of the World enrollment nearly doubles since September"
February 5, 2014

Article describing how the CWC Williamsburg community is rapidly growing, nearly doubling enrollment since the start of school. READ MORE


One Day, Teach for America Alumni Magazine
"Mixing it Up" 
Fall 2012

Highlights CWC Schools Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kriste Dragon's passion for providing diverse learning environment to neighborhoods across the nation. READ MORE
"On the Fence: A Colorful Collaboration at Citizens of the World Hollywood"
September 25, 2013

Describes the collaboration between students, parents and staff members at CWC Hollywood with co-location partner Le Conte Middle School to create a mural. READ MORE


Ventura County Star
"Kids Help Clean Malibu Creek of Crustaceans" 
November 23, 2013

Describes an environmental project carried out by CWC Mar Vista students to help eradicate crawfish dangerous to Malibu Creek's ecosystem. READ MORE