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CWC Secures Facility in Kansas City

March 31, 2016

The Midtown KC Post and Kansas City Star reports on the exciting news that CWC Kansas City has found a location to serve students beginning in August 2016. The facility is in the heart of Midtown Kansas City. 

Kansas City Star / Joe Robertson
"KC Schools Fight to Win Over Urban Millenials Touches Questions of Equity, Race" 
February 24, 2016

The Kansas City Star examines the role of school choice in the education landscape of the city. CWC Kansas City Executive Director Dr. Kristin Droege comments on how the new Citizens of the World school will keep families in the urban core. READ MORE


Midtown KC Post / Mary Jo Draper
"Charter School Director Sees Renaissance in Midtown Education as Application Period Continues" 
February 2, 2016

CWC Kansas City Executive Director Dr. Kristin Droege talks about the thriving education environment in Kansas City, and plans for the enrollment period ahead of the opening 2016-17 school year. READ MORE


Teach for America
"Creating Intentionally Diverse Schools to Help Students Thrive" 
January 29, 2016

CWC Schools Co-founder and CEO Kriste Dragon talks to TFA members about the importance of creating intentionally diverse schools for students and their familiesREAD MORE

Kansas City Star / Mary Rose Williams

"State Approves New Midtown Kansas City Charter School" 
October 27, 2015

The Kansas City Star reports on the Missouri State Board of Education’s unanimous vote to approve CWC Kansas City. The schools now have the final greenlight to open in Midtown Kansas City in 2016. READ MORE

KCUR / Cody Newill

"Proposed Midtown Charter Schools Could Soon be Approved for 2016 Opening" 
October 25, 2015

CWC Kansas City Executive Director Dr. Kristin Droege discusses the community support and excitement in launching the third CWC region. The Missouri State Board of Education is scheduled to act on CWC Kansas City on October 27th. READ MORE

CWC Moves One Step Closer in Kansas City 
July 28-29 2015

On Tuesday, July 28th, Citizens of the World Kansas City became the first schools to be sponsored by the new Missouri Public Charter School Commission. The Commission’s vote to sponsor these schools marks a major milestone for the parents and community members in Midtown Kansas City who conceived of the idea for a new school in their community two years ago. READ MORE


Whole Life Times

"Preparing Kids to Build a Better World" 
August/September 2015

CWC elementary schools in Los Angeles broaden the definition of educational success to include social emotional learning in diverse classrooms to achieve stronger academic outcomes and more. READ MORE


"Masters of their Anger" 
May 2015

Video "Just Breathe" features six lessons from students about mastering anger and other feelings. READ MORE


Philanthropy Journal / Charlena Wynn

"Educating Children to be Citizens of the World" 
May 4, 2015

For parents of CWC students, educating children entails more than grades. READ MORE


Mindful Schools

"Just Breathe" Original Film 
March 24, 2015

Mindful Schools features a video created by Citizens of the World Mar Vista parent Julie Bayer Salzman. The video shows children describing the benefits of mindfulness and social-emotional learning in their own words. READ MORE

  • Click here for further coverage of this inspiring video by Mindful Schools (January 28th)


Valentine Neighborhood Association News

Love Award Presented to Midtown Community School Initiative Parent Group
January 20, 2015

A neighborhood association has recognized MCSI’s success in bringing CWC Schools to Midtown Kansas City. READ MORE


Citizens of the World Charter Schools in Kansas City Receive $2.65 Million Foundation Boost 
January, 2015

Dos Mundos

"Citizens of the World Charter Schools coming to KCMO" 
August 21-27, 2014 edition

Further coverage from Dos Mundos, a Kansas City based bilingual newspaper, regarding CWC Schools announcement of plans to open in Kansas City. READ MORE


Midtown Kansas City Post

"Midtown getting new elementary charter schools" 
August 13, 2014

Coverage of Citizens of the World decision to approve plans to open schools in Kansas City. READ MORE


Los Angeles Register

"For charter school, new school year brings a new home after controversy" 
August 4, 2014

Citizens of the World Mar Vista students continue learning together in new home. READ MORE

California Charter School Association 

"Parents Tout Diversity at LA Charter School" 
June 23, 2014

Citizens of the World Mar Vista parents stand up for the quality and diversity of their school. READ MORE

Hollywood Patch 

"Students Help with Neighborhood Clean-Up" 
May 22, 2014

Students and parents from Citizens of the World Silver Lake roll up their sleeves in neighborhood beautification effort. READ MORE


Midtown Kansas City Post 

"Midtown Community School Initiative introduces charter partner to community" 
May 14, 2014

Kansas City Midtown parent group introduces Citizens of the World to the larger community. READ MORE / Heather Turgeon

"The science of learning: How your kids emotions affect their academic success?" 
April 23, 2014

"Emotional skills and academic excellence - you can’t have one without the other," comments CWC Mar Vista Founding Principal Alison Kerr, in this article discussing the importance of social-emotional learning. READ MORE

Education Week

"Weighted admissions lotteries: Will They Reshape Charter Demographics?" 
March 20, 2014

CWC Schools CEO, Kriste Dragon, supports weighted admissions lotteries as a tool for creating diverse schools. READ MORE

Kansas City Star & Midtown Kansas City Post
"Plan brings public charter school to Kansas City" 
March 13, 2014

Kansas City parents partner with Citizens of the World to explore feasibility of a school launch. 

Los Angeles Times

"Mindful meditation at school makes kids go ommm" 
March 1, 2014

Children learning emotional skills, in action. READ MORE


Platform Magazine / Shannon Auvil

"Communications Graduates Prosper in Teach for America" 
February 6, 2014

"I deeply believe in the power of human potential, and specifically the potential of all children," comments Citizens of the World CEO Kriste Dragon in this article focusing on the work of communications graduates. READ MORE


Ventura County Star
"Kids Help Clean Malibu Creek of Crustaceans" 
November 23, 2013

Describes an environmental project carried out by CWC Mar Vista students to help eradicate crawfish dangerous to Malibu Creek’s ecosystem. READ MORE

"On the Fence: A Colorful Collaboration at Citizens of the World Hollywood" 
September 25, 2013

Describes the collaboration between students, parents and staff members at CWC Hollywood with co-location partner Le Conte Middle School to create a mural. READ MORE


One Day, Teach for America Alumni Magazine
"Mixing it Up" 
Fall 2012

Highlights CWC Schools Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kriste Dragon’s passion for providing diverse learning environment to neighborhoods across the nation. READ MORE