Engaged Parent Advocates

Citizens of the World Charter Schools considers parents to be essential partners in education, and we believe it’s our responsibility to partner with all families within our schools.

Parental involvement is critical to student academic success, including higher grades and test scores, higher personal aspirations, and higher college enrollment. Investing our families in public education, and in each other, is also critical to long-term educational reform and the health of our communities.

We offer many ways for parents to get involved in our schools before they even open; in many ways, parents are our co-creators. Working alongside CWC Schools leaders, parents in Missouri and California have volunteered countless hours toward recruitment, community outreach and school development.

After schools open, families are invited to regular school events, including education workshops and community-building activities. Teachers communicate frequently with parents about their child’s progress, and parents are encouraged to be a regular presence at school locations, whether by attending performances, volunteering in the classroom, or participating in weekend beautification efforts. To maximize the opportunity to keep parents engaged, our school administrators do all they can to schedule parent conferences and community activities during non-work hours.