Building Strong Communities

Citizens of the World Charter Schools seeks to build within each school a true community of learners that values the varied strengths of each member.

Within our school communities, we depend on one another. For example, school leaders pair new parents with parents who have already been in a CWC school for more than a year. This support enables new parents to feel welcomed into the CWC Schools community, culture, and have others with whom to discuss questions and concerns.

Inside the classroom, instruction provides abundant opportunities for students to learn from each other and embrace authentic communication, responsible conflict resolution, and mutual respect. Our teaching faculty also forms an encouraging community of mutual support and talent development.

CWC Schools’ community-building objectives are enhanced through service learning and community partnerships. Integrating community service with classroom instruction, service learning ties community projects to academic curriculum with clearly stated learning objectives linked to state standards. It also involves a period of reflection and analysis for students to discuss and share the lessons and experiences they’ve gained through their community work.